Office Cleaning


We offer Orlando office cleaning for all types of offices and businesses; allow our professional office cleaning staff to leave your office sparkling clean!

Your office and business cleanliness has a lasting impact on both your clients and employees. A clean office not only sets a great first impression for potential clients, but is also vital to the health and productivity level of your employees.

A business that understands the value of an office cleaning service will quickly find money spent on office cleaning is money well spent. Imagine walking into a conference room as a potential client and noticing an unkempt office building; your chances of doing business with that company would reduce dramatically. An office employee both deserves and expects to work in a clean, sterile environment. Let our professional office cleaning staff clean your business; your employees (and bottom line) will thank you!

College Girl Cleaning Service provides Orlando office cleaning and commercial cleaning to meet your company’s scheduling needs. We are available for office cleaning nights, weekends or early mornings, as not to interfere with your staff during working hours. Nobody wants to be on an important conference call and hear the sound of a vacuum go by! 

Our office and commercial cleaners are fully licensed, bonded and insured, with experience cleaning anything from your small office on a weekly basis to your car dealership seven days a week. Simply put, we have cleaned it all!

We specialize in cleaning shared bathrooms, internal windows, floors, break rooms, cubicles, and common areas for offices and commercial businesses. We understand that each office has their own individual, unique cleaning needs and for that reason alone, on site visits are given prior to scheduling your first office cleaning. With our office cleaners being licensed, bonded and insured and us requiring no office cleaning contracts, you have nothing to fear in allowing us to handle your cleaning needs. We also send the same cleaners to your business each and every cleaning so they become familiar with your specialized cleaning needs and provide all office cleaning supplies. One less worry in your already hectic office!

Many of us spend more time in our offices than our homes and working in a clean and sanitary office really does improve our quality of life. As a business owner you have worked hard to build your business, and should be proud to show it off. Our office cleaning staff will ensure you do not lose potential clients or office productivity due to any cleanliness issues.

Office Cleaning can really pay for itself in that regard, and is a must for the modern business.