Vacation Rental Cleaning

From an individual property to supporting Property Management Companies - College Girl Cleaning Service can fulfil your vacation rental cleaning needs. 


Our experienced cleaners have cleaned anything from a 1bed/1bath studio to a 9/7 multi story home.  

We include the following items as standard in every home:

Toilet Paper - 1, 2 ply roll per bathroom

Kitchen Roll - 1 sealed roll

Dish Detergent - small Palmolive bottle

Dishwasher Tablets - 2 per home (Cascade or Finish Powerball)

Sponge Dish Scourer - 1 per home

Organic Hand Soaps -  4 per bathroom/2 per half bath

High Efficiency Laundry Detergent - 2 sachets per home

Towels/facecloths will be displayed neatly in each bathroom

*(Items may be substituted if originals are unavailable)*